Improve your time management skills with these tips!

  • Keeping your work schedule organized and structured is the first rule of good time managers. Put all tasks and activities in a calendar, digitally or on paper depending on what you find preferable, and fill in the gaps as new tasks appears. Someone prefers making a schedule exclusively for activities related to work, while others include the program of the whole day, with activities of the everyday life as well, such as meals, housekeeping and exercise.

  • Prioritize your schedule. Recognize what are the most urgent and important tasks, and get ahead with these first, especially in hectic periods when something must be given lower priority.

  • Don’t postpone activities that require a lot of work until the deadline is coming up. This leads to sloppy and hasty results, rather than well conducted results provided by a thoroughly and steady working progress.

  • Make a to-do-list with bullet points of tasks every day, separate from your long term calendar, and mark the bullet points as you finish them during the day. Work efficiently, and try to keep it as a daily goal to have marked all your bullet points before you leave the office after work. Some days unpredicted meetings or activities come up, and these days you have to acknowledge that you weren’t able to finish your to-do-list.

  • When setting goals, break these down into discreet steps, so that they are more likely to be achieved. Celebrate when reaching them, and constantly review the progress. Adapt your working plan to the development of this progress, and make changes when needed.