– To communicate is to share your thoughts and feelings with the surroundings, both through what you say and what you do

All relationships depend on communication, in more than just one way. Communication can for example be an organization sending a message to an online user through a webpage, or it can be two individuals texting each other. The term of communication is not only about the content in the message which is sent and received, but also the way the sender choose to send his message, as well as the way the receiver perceives it. A lecturer giving a speech to an audience will not only have to prepare his message, but also the way he will present this message to the audience. The audience, on the other hand, must for example be conscious of their own body language to communicate to the lecturer that they are receiving his message. Two people who are keeping an oral conversation, are not only exchanging a message through verbal communication, but also through body language, active listening, and visual and physical communication. In other words there are many different aspects of communication, and some examples are among others written, oral, digital, and visual communication.