Read these tips on how to improve your resilience

  • Keep your goals realistic, otherwise you will either give up quickly because the achievements seem so far away, or push yourself too hard during the process of reaching them. Work towards these goals each day, but accept that the small steps lead to the most sustainable progress
  • Take time in everyday life to review what went well and what did not. Instead of dwelling on negativity and your failures, celebrate your successes, which will your enrich your motivation. On the other hand, it’s also important not to forget to take lessons from your mistakes, in order to prevent yourself from making them twice
  • Remain confident and have a positive “I can do this”-attitude while facing challenges. Avoid to over-think difficult situations that appear along the way, because in the end, nothing is in reality as bad as your head sometimes tends to convince you
  • Focus on keeping good and healthy relations to your family, friends and co-workers, even in hectic periods when the work load seems neverending right before a deadline. Drama and conflict in your private life will distract you from dealing with challenges at work, and steal from you the energy you need to solve problems the best possible way you can
  • Don’t make drama out of a crisis when it appears, but focus on managing it instead. Remember that how we respond to the problem, and how we choose to deal with it, is determining the outcome of the problem. View challenges as significant steps in an important learning process, and exploit the opportunity to develop new skills, knowledge and achievements in order to strengthen your abilities to face the next challenge you come across